• I am really happy, I had Mike as instructor, He was very patient.

    by Janice Bec
  • Farook is a great instructor and I would recommend him to anyone. He is very calm which is very important and is very thorough in his teaching. When you did something wrong, he would tell you and explain in detail why it was wrong and the next time I would get it right. Thank you Farook.

    by Ranta Hussain
  • I took  lessons with One Driving School in East London, I didn’t think that I would pass in First time.  My Instructor is helpful & very reliable, he teach me everything I need for Driving, he was explaining about the mistake i made & how to improve it. I defiantly will be recommend One Driving School in East London to my friends and family. Thank One Driving School  for all your helps.

    by Musaraf Hussain
  • I was taking lesson with One Driving School in East London. I’m very happy to have passed my practical driving test in my first attempt with the help of Mohammed Nizam Chowdhury…driving instructor from One Driving. He is really reliable and helpful, his teaching method is fantastic.

    by Kishor
  • I am Glad to have chosen One Driving School in East London. My instructor was friendly, reliable & always explained where i was going wrong & how to improve in details. Thank you for helping me to pass both my Theory & Practical Test on my First attempt.

    by Mohshena Khanum
  • I would thank to Aunti so much for helping me to pass my driving test! She taught me not only to get through a test but also to become a safe, independent driver. I greatly enjoyed lessons with Aunti and would recommend her teaching to anyone.

    by Mansia
  • Abdul is a very friendly person who makes me feel at ease, he has a bubbly charming personality, I would not hesitate to recommend him anyone who is looking for a driving instructor.

    by John Smith

Theory Test

One driving School is bestThe theory test is made up of two parts. The first part is a multiple choice examination that you’ll complete on a touch screen computer in the theory test centre.

You’ll have the opportunity to take a practice test before starting on the real thing. It is made up of 50 questions which you can answer within a time of 57 minutes. The pass mark is 43. Once you have completed this part of the test, you may take a short break before starting the second part, the hazard perception test. As with the theory test this is completed on a computer.

You will be asked to watch a series of 14 video clips. You must click the mouse to indicate when a hazard is presented on the screen. Each clip will contain a developing hazard and one clip will feature two. You can score a maximum of ve points for each clip depending on how soon you are aware of the hazard. You must achieve at least 44 points out of the possible 75 to pass.

You’ll learn most of the information needed to pass the theory test during your lessons with your ONE Driving School instructor, but we recommend you read the Highway Code and the information on the ONE Driving website. You need to pass both the multiple choice and hazard perception parts to pass the theory test.

Only once you’ve passed the theory test can you then apply to take your practical test.

Areas to study

It is recommended that you study 14 key areas in order to become a safe and competent driver.

These are outlined over the next few pages and on the ONE Driving website.


Alertness means that you are wide awake, concentrating on your driving and not being distracted by things either inside or outside your car.

If you’re alert you’re also looking out for hazards, noticing all road signs and markings and acting correctly on the information they are giving you.

Questions related to alertness are about anticipation; observation; signalling; road signs and road markings; using your mirrors; and concentration and distractions.

You will also be tested on how to determine if you are t to drive.

Driving Test Prices. Please visit DSA for latest prices

Free theory-test